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The Young Pope is an upcoming Italian-American-Spanish-British-French television miniseries created by Paolo Sorrentino and starring Jude Law and Diane Keaton. The miniseries will consist of eight episodes, all to be directed by Sorrentino. It will premiere in 2016 on Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany, HBO in the United States, and Canal+ in France.



– Jude Law as fictional Pope Pius XIII (born Lenny Belardo)
– Diane Keaton as Sister Mary, a nun from America living in Vatican City who raised Belardo and helped him reach the papacy
– James Cromwell as Cardinal Michael Spencer, Lenny’s mentor
– Silvio Orlando as Cardinal Voiello, Secretary of State
– Sebastian Roché as Cardinal Michel Marivaux
– Scott Shepherd as Cardinal Dussolier
– Cécile de France as Sofia, in charge of marketing in the Vatican City
– Javier Cámara as Cardinal Gutierrez, Master of Ceremonies of the Vatican City
– Ludivine Sagnier as Esther, wife of a Swiss guard
– Toni Bertorelli as Cardinal Caltanissetta
– Daniel Vivian as Domen, Pope’s butle

Sorrentino directed all eight episodes of The Young Pope. “I really wanted to do a series about the Vatican, and a series in grand style,” the Italian-born director told Indiewire last year. “And in order to make the series in English, like I wanted, I had to have an English-speaking Pope. That’s how Jude Law’s character was born.”

sorrentinoDiscussing Diane Keaton’s role, he added: “We’ve never seen [a performance like this] from her before, having done more comedy work.” The director has a tendency of showing us actors in new lights. Sean Penn’s performance in This Must Be The Place is a notable recent example of taking an actor’s image and completely turning it on its head.

2B28C0F300000578-3187364-image-m-131_1438895341144We’ll see if Sorrentino will do the same with Jude Law, an actor that’s expressed an enormous amount of range over his career. From Dom Hemingway to Closer to Road to Perdition to Anna Karenina to plenty of other distinct roles, he’s given a large variety of performances. Eight hours of Jude Law — and Diane Keaton and James Cromwell — in an HBO miniseries directed by Sorrentino is enticing.






Born August 10 1957 in Milano, Italy. he studies to become a primary school teacher but soon realizes not to have the kind of “missionary push” necessary for such a profession. in 1976 he starts working as assistant photographer for Oliviero Toscani. But he soon grows bored of the repetitive and shallow world of fashion and in early ’78 he starts working as “film-kameramann” for the Swiss Television. An Eclaire NPR and reversal film stock become his learning tools and he starts covering anything from local news to sport events, from nature documentaries to socio-political reportages around the world.In April 1981 attends a Steadicam workshop held by Garrett Brown in Monterey, Ca.

He immediately falls in love with the possibilities offered by this extraordinary, revolutionary instrument (at the time still quite primitive and full of promising possibilities).

By September of the same year he attends another workshop, purchases his first Steadicam and leaves the Swiss Television to embark on the exciting new adventure of feature films.

Nicola-PecoriniSince then he has taught more than 25 Steadicam Workshops around the world, co-founded with Garrett Brown the Steadicam Operator Association and actively participated in the research and experimentation that led to all those technological and lechnical achievements that made the Steadicam an essential tool for telling stories on Film.

For many years he finds himself in the very fortunate position of being one of the few “reliable” Steadicam owner/operators in Europe giving him the fantastic opportunity of working with a very large number of filmmakers and experiencing a very large spectrum of styles, techniques, attitudes and philosophies.

Throughout the years Nicola moved from “plain” Steadicam operator to A camera operator and more and more often performed duties as cinematographer.

In 1995 his friend Tommy Schlamme forces him ( with the help of some cheese,fresh figs and abundant red wine) to become a cinematographer on his next project, the Tracey Ullmann new show for HBO : Tracey Takes On.

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A beautiful villa on the southern see, not too far from Rome, a ship built on a rock . An amazing sunset every day.


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