• Budgeting and production planning
    Our experience on organizing films with the tightest budget you can expect is based on more than 500 commercials and 12 features produced for worldwide major clients. We have worked for features, TV emissions, TV commercials and photo shoots for more than 30 countries around the world.


  • Location scouting and permits
    Scouting, researching and planning are the base of our work for any kind and size of production. We mix our experience and our location archive with reliable local link all over the major regions of Italy, Germany, Emirates Oman and Lebanon.
    Bilingual location managers scouts in those countries and the first day of scout is not charged in Rome, Berlin and Dubai.
    The relationship established in years of experience allowed us in being confident in a successful result obtaining location permits.


  • Casting and buyouts
    We use to work with Italian and foreigner casting directors to cover all level of talent, language and ethnicities negotiating their buyouts for any kind of projects due to favourable local legislation.


  • Crew
    In all the countries we are based we use to work with a range of multilingual and highly specialized filmmaking professionals people covering all departments from creative, technical, SFX, stunt all type of talent and extras.


  • Rentals (Equipment , studios, art dept and styling)
    EUR Film collaborates with the major rental companies in the countries where is use to work covering all kind of supplies from art department, set construction technical equipment, areal shoot and the major Italian studios: Cinecittà with his 14 stages, production offices, indoor and outdoor pools.
    In Italy we can offer as well, where needed, our privileged relationship with one of the last high quality film lab in all Europe.


  • Accommodation, catering, traveling and transportation
    We cover as well all facilities on a set like transportations with all needs from cars to different type of van to VIP motorhomes. A different choice of set catering is available depending from the budget and the location. We also have a non mark-upped booking service.


  • Post-production and sound design
    Eur film can cover, with all the main post-production suppliers all requirements, supervising off-line edit, music, visual effects and CGI.


  • Tax credit, financial incentives and insurances
    EUR Film ensures insurance requirements, yield bank facilities and supply all local and crew tax obligations like social security and all other liabilities. We also provide with our consultant a service of tax recovery (VAT refund).
    We can also provide, when and where is possible, all fiscal or financial support to the production from local authorities.


  • Local offices
    EUR Film ha offices in Rome, Berlin and Dubai fully equipped including an accounting dept. to update cost constantly.
    Additional space can be arranged upon request.
    Local crew speaks fluent English, Italian, Japanese, French, German and Arabic.


  • ENG Crew
    In Rome since 2014 we have our ENG crew with 2 Sony cameras fully equipped for documentaries, events and conferences in streaming.
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