Ernesto as a young man discovers him self being violent and jealous when establishing emotional relationships. He got married and had a son; three years after was about to kill his wife and son, if it wasn´t for his mother calling the police and witnessing he had a mental disorder.

After many years of repeating the jealousy pattern, he reached an understanding and wrote an autobiographical novel. Now he wants to make a fiction film about it. A director, interested in his story, propose a documentary film instead. The film will track these past events and follow Ernesto´s current life. He will review his past and give his point of view and theory of jealousy. Some memories of violence will be staged with actors by the hand of a therapist, who will guide him through a regression experience. This will trigger a possible change on him


EFTHYMIA ZYMVRAGAKI director and dop

Master in Artistic Productions and Research of the Faculty of Fine Arts UB. Photographer trained in Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. Degree in Psychology from the University of Crete, Greece. She has participated in the international festival of photography d’Arles (France), to l’Espai Català-Roca, (Barcelona), in different editions of Expressa’t, Les Boutoographies in Montpeller (France) and Biennal d’Olot. Co-director of photography of the documentary “Serás Hombre” by Isabel de Ocampo. She has was the dop for the feature film “Rocco has your name” in 2014. She directed and photographed the experimental documentary “Refrán” in 2011. She has been in charge of the photography direction of several short films such as “The Labyrinth ” and “ The Spinning wheel ” by Vasco Viana,“ Let’s Walk ” by Alfonso de Lucas Buñuel, “Paranoid” by Diego Cartes, “Rapos Viejos” by Raul Fernández, “What we have been left to we who love” by Patricio Zárate, “The magic of the repairman” by Elisa Varela. She also directed the photography of the teaser of the “Future Perfect” project (to visualize the teaser: www.futureperfect-movie.com). She currently resides in Barcelona, makes part of the production company GRISMEDIO and she is researching for his PhD thesis in the Advanced Studies Program in Artistic Productions EAPA, (Fine Arts).

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