YAHAN LEI director

Born in 1990, graduated in first place in 2012 from the Beijing Film Academy with a bachelor's degree in literature. Later studied the graduate degree of film production of University of Bologna. She was included in the selection of 12 new directors of the National Film Shool of Rome(CSC) in 2015. Studied from Giorgio Gosetti, Giuseppe Lanci, Roberto Perpignani and Gianni Amelio etc.. She is also a films critic and an author for the film magazines, "World Screen” etc. And one of top 10 young film directors in the 2nd CFDG (Chinese Film Director Guild)Young Director Support Program.

Shan, a 21-year-old girl who is working at the wholesale market as a fitting model, has just established her foothold in Beijing by relying on her rich boyfriend. First time attended the boyfriend's party as his girlfriend identity, learned that her boyfriend was going to Sicily's volcano with another woman. The cause was a ridiculous legend many years ago that "the volcano eruption can travel cross to another parallel world”.

Suspects that her boyfriend's volcanic journey will never return, Shan also chased him to Sicily recklessly. Expected the unexpected she met a Chinese boy Yu. The enemies had a narrow road. Shan who was in a dilemma had to rely on others in order to make it through this trip. Therefore she have to endured the ridicule of Yu who act like a prodigal son. Yu reluctantly agreed to take Shan the “underdog ”set off for Stromboli Volcano together.

Along the way, Yu kept stimulating Shan to rethink the truth about herself and the meaning of the true love, gradually let her find the suppressed and lively nature. The mysterious history hidden behind Yu's contradictory strange characters also surfaced after they encountered a lot of trouble.

After spending three days together, this volcanic land made them experience three common dreams and the relationship between them became more and more subtle. But the shadows of the old days and the choices of each other's established life paths made this newly born love full of despair and pain.

When they finally stood on top of Stromboli volcano. The original purpose of the trip had disappeared. Yu and Li Shan were like a true couple. They look forward to embrace miracle of the legend. At the moment of the volcanic eruption. They break free from all the world restraining them and embrace each other in another spacetime. Then, the miracle really came, they traveled to a new time and space and the magical picture flashed gorgeously behind them.

Years later, a mature woman came to Sicily again and found a notebook in the room where she had lived once. The notebook told a story related to the volcano in the sea. All the situations in the story are exactly the same as her trip of that year ... Just don't know if she can have the opportunity to re-embrace the love that they have missed.

1. This is a cross-cultural, cross-language, cross-country youth story. In the era of network technology and convenient transportation. The post-90s generation has been unparalleled inclusiveness and openness. The plot and characters of the film are based on this cultural feature of transnational narrative. 2. Use the exotic landscape of Sicily to create a mysterious and magical atmosphere. The beauty and purity of Sicily is itself a surreal existence. And the legend of "thae volcano can travel cross to another time and space”. It further strengthens the magical color of Sicily. It is an unprecedented and unique attempt to collide with the surreal elements such as dreams and visions, such as geography, culture and local color shaping in the real world. 3. Unconventional types of male and female protagonists designed to redefine the concept of love belonging to this era. The protagonists in the film are from different strata of Chinese social reality and they face the same dilemma. But feel the same confusion and pain. They are not the characters in traditional love movies who have to prove their worth in order to obtain love. But because their faults are so real and it’s cute. The love between them is also more touching because of the "different" and "impossible" between them. 4. Mapping to the reality of Chinese society. In today's China, where class differentiation and class solidification are becoming more and more serious. The film attempts to make a deeper reflection on the reality & hope & dilemma and redemption of young people and the game of "love" and "power relations" they face. Use the perspective of young people to reflect their confusion, pain and anger. Don't hide the truth or give up hope.







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